SFA Professor Analyzes New Hampshire Wins

SFA Professor Ken Collier has been following Tuesday's New Hampshire primaries closely. With Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee winning Iowa's caucuses it is a surprise to see two completely different candidates win in New Hampshire.

Collier said, "McCain's victory will be a big headline tomorrow, because he had really been floundering since the summer.  He had really been having a strong showing lately, but people were riding that off as a temporary thing.  But he has really shown some strength tonight."

With Obama having a big showing in Iowa, he says the win for Clinton was vital for the former first lady's campaign.

"A lot of people thought she would fall back in the pack and this would be the beginning of the end, but her people have really gotten out there," Collier said.

Collier says the candidate's forum is always about change.  Every candidate has said they're the ones that can "change" the white house. He says that's nothing new.

Even incumbent presidents run on change.  Everybody is using the same rhetoric, who can claim more credibly is the person that will use it best."

He says you can pretty much count Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani out, if they didn't have a strong finish.  And with Obama and Clinton each getting about 40% of the vote, he says voters are really looking at the frontrunners.