Lufkin Police Report - 1/9/08 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Lufkin Police Report - 1/9/08

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 3300 BLOCK OF SOUTH FIRST. Complainant reported that someone entered her unsecured car while she was at a local restaurant and stole her prescription medication Tuesday afternoon.

DEAD ON SCENE: 100 BLOCK OF MCHALE. A 62 year old man was found deceased in his home Tuesday, apparently from natural causes.

BURGLARY: 800 BLOCK OF HENDERSON. Complainant reported that his residence was broken into Tuesday and a TV, a digital camera, a cordless drill, a leather jacket and some jewelry was stolen.

ASSAULT/A: 2300 BLOCK OF PALMORE. Complainant reported that her boyfriend grabbed her around the neck and tried to choke her using a pipe last week.  Complainant reported that she did seek medical treatment for her injuries at a local hospital.

ASSAULT/A: 2300 BLOCK OF PALMORE. Complainant reported that her boyfriend threw a can of beer at her Tuesday and hit her in the arm.  Complainant did not require medical treatment.   

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 1500 BLOCK OF TURTLE CREEK DRIVE. Complainant reported that an MP3 player was stolen from her car Monday night.

BURGLARY/HABITATION: 2000 BLOCK OF ATKINSON. Complainant reported that her home was broken into Tuesday and several electronic items and some jewelry were stolen.

THEFT/A: 2500 BLOCK OF MOFFETT ROAD. Complainant reported that his black 4'X8' trailer was stolen from his residence Tuesday morning.

BURGLARY/HABITATION: 800 BLOCK OF NORTH SECOND STREET. Complainant reported that his residence was broken into Tuesday morning.  A video camera, a video game and some DVD's were stolen.

BURGLARY/HABITATION: 1600 BLOCK OF BARTO. Complainant reported that his residence was broken into Tuesday afternoon but wasn't sure if anything was missing at the time of the report.

ASSAULT: 900 BLOCK OF EAST DENMAN AVENUE. Complainant reported that her son was kicked by another student at school in December.  The victim sustained a broken nose, a concussion and several loosened teeth as a result of the kick to his face.

BURGLARY/HABITATION: 1200 BLOCK OF HOUSTON STREET. Complainant reported that her residence was broken into Tuesday and several items of jewelry, a VCR, and some cash were stolen.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 3200 BLOCK OF OLD UNION ROAD. Complainant reported that an unknown person driving a white Ford Explorer drove through some landscaping Monday night causing damage to the property.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 2500 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL. Complainant reported that has discovered several of her credit cards missing and has learned that someone used her identity to open several more credit card accounts.

DEADLY CONDUCT: 1200 BLOCK OF NORTH MEDFORD STREET. Complainant reported that someone fired a shot through the window of a display mobile home sometime over the weekend.

BURGLARY: 100 BLOCK OF BRENTWOOD. Complainant reported that a bank bag containing a day's store deposits was stolen from an assistant manager's vehicle Saturday evening.

BURGLARY: 2500 BLOCK OF MOFFETT. Complainant reported that some loose change was stolen from her unsecured car early Wednesday morning.


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