SFA Professor Tells What New Hampshire Win Means

With John McCain and Hillary Clinton winning the New Hampshire primaries, you might be wondering what happens next.

SFA Political Science Professor Ken Collier said he thought Barack Obama would surge on, but Clinton's organization must have gotten people out to vote. He says a lot of people thought she would falter because Obama was showing signs of momentum.

McCain's win was also huge.

Collier said what will happen next should be interesting.

"I think what will happen is you're going to see different candidates compete in different states. Giuliani wants to head toward Florida and other candidates to Michigan, so they're not going to so much go head to head.  It will be a very different game."

By the time the Texas primary rolls around in March, Collier said the candidates should already be decided. But if they're not, Collier said you will see more of the candidates campaigning in the lone star state.