Lufkin Doctor Out On Bail

Lufkin doctor Priya Ramnath was arrested in late November on an involuntary manslaughter charge related to the death of a patient in the United Kingdom. After several weeks of hearings where Ramnath and her lawyer asked a judge to allow her to post bail, the judge ruled in her favor Friday. There were plenty of happy family members and friends there to celebrate.

"I felt that we had done a very good job documenting the clear and convincing evidence that she is not a flight risk, that this case has problems in the United Kingdom and those problems in the United Kingdom are a special circumstance of why she should be released," Ramnath's attorney, Al Charanza, said.

The judge agreed, even though bail is very rarely granted in most extradition cases. Ramanth's good work record in the U.S., and her strong family and community ties also influenced his decision. Ramnath's attorney says there's one thing in particular that made the judge rule in her favor.

"The judge granted bail in this case because he found a special circumstance and he believes based on the evidence we've been able to present him so far, she has a very likely chance of succeeding in the United Kingdom," Charanza said.

But Ramnath's release doesn't come without special conditions.

"She will be under house arrest so she won't be able to leave her home, and we've already surrendered the passports for herself and her immediate family," Charanza told KTRE.

Ramnath's extradition hearing is set for February 15th at the federal courthouse in Lufkin.