Sheriff Election Controversy

by Christa Lollis

A Lufkin police officer is challenging Kent Henson for the office of Angelina County sheriff. He's campaigning on his website and accusing Henson of not thoroughly investigating cases. For those East Texans wondering why he's bringing it up now, he says it's the right time. "I'm in a position now that I'm a candidate to actually speak about it where before if I'm not a candidate nobody cares what I have to say."

His website shows graphic pictures of a murder victim, in a case where he says Sheriff Henson did not secure the crime scene. The accusations don't stop there. Burfine says, "They should look at the web page and make their own decision. I'm posting the facts and if they don't want to vote for me that's fine. If they do that's fine too." East Texans have contacted KTRE with mixed feelings. Some speak out against Sheriff Henson, while others don't agree with Burfine's tactics. One East Texan said, "Do we really even want someone on the ballot who would stoop to this level of exposing pictures of an innocent girl for his personal gain?"

Burfine stands by his decision to post the pictures. He says they are graphic, but they get his point across that the case was mishandled. "Bring to light what's really going on. We're going to let people know there's more than just a handshake and a starched shirt at the sheriff's office."

We tried to contact Sheriff Henson for comment multiple times, but he did not return our calls or e-mails. If you want to voice your opinion on this or other stories, look for the KTRE listens section on our website.