Dope and Hauler Behind Bars

About 4,000 pounds of baled marijuana is sitting in a jail cell in Nacogdoches. It's estimated to be worth $2-million worth of neatly packaged marijuana. In another jail cell sits Rigoberto Mercado Torres, 47,  a California resident, formerly of Mexico. He was the driver of a big rig that was stopped on the Nacogdoches loop Sunday afternoon. Officer Stephen Godfrey made the stop. He has lots of experience with drug detection. He suspected the driver was carrying more than grapefruit and aloe vera in the crudely painted 18 wheeler.

Sgt. Greg Sowell commented on how rare busts of this magnitude are these days.    " They're somewhat few and far between. Large traffic marijuana cases such as this were pretty common ten to fifteen years ago, but now as things get more sophisticated they're harder to catch. "

Evidence is still being collected on the drug bust.