East Texas Family Still Coping With Loss Two Years Later

You may remember the story of two East Texas women who were followed from Polk's Pick It Up, on Highway 69 in 2005. After they left the store, 31-year-old Eric Parnell shot at their vehicle. Jennifer Holliday, who is now 29-years-old, managed to survive the ordeal, but her cousin Ana Franklin was killed.  The family is still trying to cope with the tragedy two years later.

Robin Franklin, Ana's mother, said, "You just wake up every day, it doesn't get any easier, you learn to deal with it, but you miss her more."

May 29th 2005 forever changed Franklin and her family. It's the day she lost her baby girl, 18-year-old Ana.  Parnell brutally shot and killed Ana. Her cousin, Jennifer Holiday was with her, and can recall every last detail.

"Me and my cousin went to the store.  We didn't know this man, and they did not cross paths, she was on her cell phone the whole time.  Something triggered and followed us from the store four miles down the highway.  He shot at my car and then came up and shot her in the head and took me with him."

Parnell took Holliday and sexually assaulted her. She convinced him that she wouldn't tell authorities what he did, so Parnell let her call 9-1-1.

Franklin got the call that Holliday was in the hospital, but nothing could have prepared her for what she would me told next.

"Kent Henson grabbed me, and he told me he called his preacher and said that he was about to have to tell a mother her daughter is dead, and he had no idea who she was.  He sat with me all day," Franklin said.

Today, things are very different. Jennifer has undergone seven surgeries for her arm. She has skyrocketing medical expenses. But, it's the emotional and mental scars that trouble her more. Both women say they would do anything to have Ana walk through the door.

Franklin said, "Her smile, her voice.  She was so bouncy.  I wish she would bounce through the door."

Jennifer says she talks about Ana all the time, and wished other people would do the same.  She wants her son to remember her.

Jonathan, Holliday's son, said, "I'm glad she's in heaven and looking down on us."

Time has passed, but their memories have not.

Parnell was sentenced to two life sentences for the crimes he committed that night.