The Big Switch to DTV

Like many businesses, TV has changed dramatically since KTRE began broadcasting our signal in 1955.  An important change  took place on June 12, 2009.  That is when federal law required KTRE and other TV stations to turn off their traditional analog channels and broadcast ONLY in digital.

Over 66% of America's households have three television sets.  If any of the televisions you watch uses rabbit ears or an outside antenna; you will need to take one of these three actions to continue use of the set after the big switch.

1. Buy a TV converter box for your

analog set.

2. Upgrade to a digital TV set.

3. Subscribe to cable or satellite for each set.  (This does not insure you will receive the benefits of digital broadcasting.)

There is much more to know.  We know you will have questions.  You can get more information on our website by clicking on "The Big Switch" link. You can write us here at the station. You can also give us a call.  We want to help you make the Big Switch.