Traffic Watch: Children Playing

by Alex Carias

As kids get out of school for the summer, area parks and neighborhoods will be filled with bicycles, skateboards, and kids running around. That means you need to be a little more careful when you get behind the wheel, an important thing to remember that when you're driving through these areas.

At many of those locations, speed limits drop to about 20 miles per hour. Police say going the speed limit may be the most important thing to remember during the summer, or any time children are out of school.

"It depends on how fast you're going. Driving slower can save a life. It gives you enough time to stop and avoid a collision with an object or car, or kid or person," said Lufkin Police Officer Eduardo Ibarra.

Kids will be kids. And that means as an adult, you must be a responsible driver, paying attention to anything that could happen.

"They're going in and out of the park, out into the streets, and the only thing they have on their mind is having a good time. They're not watching out for the cars. That's why we need to be extra careful and watching for them," said grandmother Deborah Richardson.

Parents must also educate their children on how to behave around traffic. Things like paying attention to cars and looking both ways before you cross the street are important lessons for children to learn.

Five-year-old Andrew Minyard, says he has learned a lot from his parents and is ready to be safe for the summer.

"They told me to stop at the stop sign while riding my bike when going to Trout Playground," said Andrew.

Police also add that although school is out for summer, some buses will be running for summer school. You must follow the same school bus laws that are in effect during the school year.