Former 'Jack Sadler Loses Arm

Former S.F.A. baseball player Chase Sadler played with a lot of heart.   Unfortunatley, his heart wasn't in the game.   Sadler could only play one season with the Jacks after having heart surgery.

Dealing with the loss of baseball was hard enough, but things got even worse for Sadler last week.   After recent burglaries in his neighborhood, Sadler was investigating noises outside his own home when he tripped and shot himself in the arm.

Thanks to the help of a neighbor, doctors were able to save his life.  However, Sadler's left arm was amputated.

Sadler has no medical insurance and his former Harmony High School teammates want to help.

"It's just sad to see one of your brothers have so many problems," Former teammate Read Houge says.  "Anything I can do to help him, I'm going to do."

If you'd like to help assist Sadler, you can contact Melinda Murphy at