A.C.'s Johnson Works Through Injury

As a freshman Cassandra Johnson had become a starter for the Angelina College Ladyrunners.

"She does a little bit of everything," Head Coach Byron Coleman says.

The future looked bright.   But despite all the promise of her game, Johnson nearly limped away from the sport she loves.

"When I tore it, I was going for a rebound," Johnson recalls.  "I felt my knee shift."

It didn't hurt much, but Johnson eventually found out she tore her ACL.  The injury came right before the Region XIV Conference Tournament last February.

"I was scared," Johnson says.  "I cried with my dad on the phone."

Johnson never had set foot in the training room.   Suddenly it was a second home.

"When it started off I barely could move my knee," she recalls.  "I was in pain."

Thanks to some encouraging words from her father, Johnson decided to keep her dreams alive.  It's paid off as she's scoring over ten points per game.

"It takes over a year to get back," Coleman says.  "She's finally starting to hit her stride."

Still rehabbing the knee., Johnson says she's still just 50 percent.   That will soon change and her career will continue.

"No doubt," Coleman says.  " She has a bright future and will go on to play at the next level."