Family Thanks Smoke Detectors

by Christa Lollis

Burnt toys and posters and smoke covered walls are all 11 year old Cade has left. A fire broke out in his room Thursday night. "I had just laid down and I heard some crackling noises and turned around and saw some flames so I ran out and was screaming. First thing I did was check my little brothers room to see if he was in there and then I went screaming, running through the house telling everybody to get," Cade Peden said.

Just as he got out of his room smoke detectors were going off throughout the house. Two seconds later may have been too late. His mother explains, "I ran down the hall and as soon as I got to his door you could feel the heat. The whole wall was in flames and the smoke just hit me. It was like from the ceiling to my chest." But within a minute the smoke was covering almost the whole house. The beep of the smoke detectors helped save the rest of cade's family.

Having one in every room is what they say kept them alive. Now they're warning others and encourgaing people to put detectors throughout their homes. Now, the whole family warns, "Make sure they work and they're in the bedrooms. In the bedrooms. Most people only have them in the hallway and kitchen." Firefighters say those detectors along with Cade's bravery kept this family from losing everything. They say smoke detectors are key and every home should have them. "Any is better than nothing. The sad thing is most people have them but they don't work. The thing is, they don't do any good if they don't work. You need to really change the batteries twice a year. Every time you change the time, everytime the time changes, put new batteries in them things," Firefighter, Bobby Cranford explained. Having detectors is the first safety measure.   Having a escape plan is equally as important.