MLK Events Focus On the Youth

North Redland residents braved the rain and cold for its annual MLK March. The event is sponsored by the North Redland 'Sistahs'. The civic group works all year long promoting Dr. King's ideas.   Member Jerri Mills explained what they do.    " We have Juneteenth celebrations. We've had Christmas caroling in the community. We've had activities at various homes. We've had gifts that we give to senior citizens and we do things in the community that will involve as many community members as possible."

There was also a MLK march in Downtown Nacogdoches. The Progressive Leadership Group, Community Improvement Program, Head Start, SFA's Multicultural Department, and the Democratic Party were some of the participants.

The march ended at the courthouse steps where leaders encouraged young people to grasp presented opportunities.   Rev. Leonard Sweat, a pastor at the South James Baptist Church said,    " Don't let the opportunities pass you by. You are the future of the Black American community in Nacogdoches, Texas.   The Reverend challenged other African American preachers in Nacogdoches to improve their efforts in guiding young people to make good choices.

The theme carried over into a forum held after the downtown the march.   It was titled, 'Changing Minds, Changing Lives'. The NAACP hosted the event. Educators from the Nacogodoches School District spoke. So did an attorney. He's moved to Nacogdoches from Houston and wants to make a difference in young people's lives.   Luro Taylor said,    " I just believe that the experience that I gained in Houston will give me and opportunity to work not only from the schools, but also in the jails and to try and help youth understand the importance of their legal rights and how those legal rights can very much have an impact on their future. "   Taylor practices all levels of criminal law, but has a fondness for juvenile defense.