Angelina County Authorities are Searching for Woman who Led Them in Chase

Angelina County Deputy Richard Owen said, "This car behind me was blowing his horn, pretty radical, I just eased over out of the way. I was going that direction and followed him."

They were coming from Highway 94 into town.  That is when the sheriff's deputy said the driver was heading toward the loop, and ran a lady off the road. Then, the driver crossed several lanes made a quick turn underneath the overpass, and got onto the loop. The deputy ran the license plate and came back with nothing. He attempted to stop the driver and the chase began.

The driver led police past Highway 103, and cut back into town, near the Kelty's neighborhood, traveling down Hoo Hoo and surrounding streets. The car chase ended here on Carver Street.

Owen said, "He hit his breaks and jumped out, and the car was still running.  And, of course, I stopped behind the vehicle. He was running to the ditch and the car was coming."

The car landed in a creek, but the suspect got away.

Authorities say they did find the owner of the car, who said he did loan the car.

But, here's the twist. The entire time, authorities believed they were chasing after a man, but have found out, a woman with short-hair was driving.

Her name is Shana Jones, and she's in her twenties. The vehicle belongs to Ronnie Gilcrease who let's his step son, Jason Nash drive the car. Authorities believe Nash loaned the car to his girlfriend, Jones.

Deputies think Jones took off because she has a warrant out for her arrest and may have had drugs. For now the search continues.

Owens said that he talked to the owner of the car, who questioned his stepson. They said Nash then took off as well because he too has warrants out for his arrest.

In the car, they found syringes and illegal knives. Authorities did go back out to the scene of the car crash Monday evening to see if they could find any clues.