Steroid Testing Ready to Go

Last June the Texas Legislature mandated a high school steroid testing policy.   Eight months later, the random tests can finally begin.   School's don't know when for sure, because the testing is random.

But student athletes in all sports should be prepared in the next couple of weeks.

The National Center For Drug Free Sport has been chosen to conduct the random testing.  The same company does tests for the N.C.A.A.  The program will cost six million dollars over the next two years.   40 to 50 thousand student athlete's will be tested across the state.

Diboll Athletic Director Gary Martel says he still doesn't know all the details.  However, it's important to stop kids steroid use before they even start.

"99 percent of the people out there want the same thing," Martel says.  "They don't want the young people involved with it. They don't want them around it. They want to deter them. That's what this should be is a deterrent. You're going to get busted. They're going to test you if you play sports."

Diboll already has drug testing that doesn't include steroids.  Lufkin I.S.D. has tested for steroids the last two years.