Nacogdoches County Is A Great Place To Grow Up

Parents and children living in Nacogdoches County are apparently in the right place. Nacogdoches County has been named as one of the 100 best communities for young people by the America's Promise Alliance, the nation's largest alliance dedicated to children and youth.

Candyce Wagnon, her husband and two young children had a good idea that Nacogdoches would be a good place to relocate from New Orleans. They just didn't realize how good.   Wagnon volunteered to head the application process for the 100 Best honor. Quickly she realized that Nacogdoches has a lot to offer when it comes to meeting the five promises set forth by the America's Promise Alliance.    " The five promises are an effective education, caring adults, healthy starts, safe places and opportunities to give back, "  said Wagnon.

The community has been the home of kids for centuries. But it took a former mayor who recognized its significance to provide chamber leaders the idea to apply for the honor. Bob Dunn said,  " I thought it was a done deal without even any problem, but that proved not to be true."

The data collected was sometimes overwhelming. There are so many programs offered in the community that help nourish young people. Chamber president, Bruce Partain said,  " We would like to live up to the reputation, so it is somewhat of a challenge."

It's a challenge this mother of two will gladly accept. And along the way children will learn that Nacogdoches, in a lot of people's minds, is the best place in the nation to grow up.