Possible UFO Sighting

by Christa Lollis

A group of Lufkin residents are now saying they had a UFO sighting.   Last summer these three East Texans were at Lake Sam Rayburn filming each other in the water. It wasn't until they got home and watched the video that they realized they might have captured a UFO. The girl that took the video says they never saw anything in the air but what they see in the video is something out of the ordinary. "I thought maybe it was a bird or a blimp but then I got to looking at it and it was just one solid circle. It wasn't really like a wingspan or wasn't big enough to be a blimp and I showed my mom and my dad," Whittney Sullivan explained. Whittney says she's not sure if she really believes there is life on other planets but after seeing the video she isn't ruling it out.