Angel Food Ministries

by Christa Lollis

This Holly Springs Baptist Church is full of groceries and the members are doing their part to make sure all East Texas kitchens are. They've recently brought the angel food ministries to their church. "There's so many people out there that are just pinching pennies and they just are wonderful, thankful for this program," Kathy Stanisich, a volunteer, said. It's a program based in Georgia that distributes food throughout the country. What makes it so great?  It's cheap. A family of three can eat for a week for just $30 which is close to half of what the same foods would cost at the grocery store. "If they have an electric bill or if they need gas in their tank, they can put that $30 or $40 that they saved into a bill or into their gas tank," Stanisich said.

And it gets better, there are no requirements. Anyone who wants to save a few dollars is welcome. "We've had churches come through here, people on food stamps, people of all ages, all walks of life come in here," she explained. So what's the catch? The group says there isn't one, just East Texans trying to help other East Texans. Kathy said, "No questions asked. We just ask them to fill out a receipt with their name and address and so forth, but that's it. And, it's not so much a hand out. It's more of a hand up. They're paying for their food. We're not a government program." Sound good? Local churches are taking orders now for next month.  If you want more information go to