Downtown Business

by Christa Lollis

Right now downtown Lufkin has a few stores and restaurants. Those businesses are hoping the area gains momentum. While some places have closed down others will soon open their doors. Long time businesses say they're ready to see a change. Carol Beckham said, "I think that's a good idea that we should invest in our downtown and get the business back to our downtown because it's just part of our history."

Rebecca and Diana will soon be opening their store on first street. They're putting their faith in the rebuilding efforts and say they see big plans in the future. "People want to come back to shopping in downtown Lufkin and our store, I think, would be a great excuse or reason for people to start coming back," Diana Cepeda explained. With new stores like their's opening up Rebecca and Diana are hoping to see downtown thrive. Other's have ideas of their own. "We need to get restaurants because that is really what brings all the people, not just brings them in but they stay. They come in all the time,"Beckham said.

The constant flow of traffic is what store owners are hoping for. With construction happening throughout the downtown streets many say it won't be long. Cepeda thinks, "It's exciting. It's exciting to see what it's going to do. How many people are really going to come out and explore and see what is going on and how great the downtown is going to be when it's all finished." There are plenty of spaces for new businesses to come in and it seems most people are hoping those vacant buildings will soon be leased.