Lufkin Baseball Prayers are Answered

For years, Brian Roy's father watched him compete, but with the new year, came a sudden change for the Roy family.

"I missed a week of school, and then I would come back for a week, then Iwould go there for the weekends."

Teammate Enrique Dominguez added, "He missed practices, and you could see he was not the same, and for a while he was not, becuase he was sad and missed him."

For weeks, Brian's father, Kevin, has been hospitalized in Shreveport, needing a liver transplant, and for a while, things did not look good.

But through prayer, faith and love from the community, the Roy's got what they wanted to hear.

"I picked up the phone and my mom was like, Brian we got a liver, you need to get down here fast," described Brian Roy.  "And I was so excited, that there was a sense of relief that something good was going to come out of it."

While Brian does not expect his father to be in the stands opening day, he knows that with enough support from the community, his father will be back this season.

And as word of Kevin's situation spread, so did the love, as an Internet site was developed in order to field prayer requests for Kevin.

"They said something about the prayers and the site and that it had gotten more hits that any other site out there," said Head Coach Clay Berry.

"We got a call from the people who run the service, becuase nobody had gotten that many hits before, it is pretty amazing to see what God can do when you have a bunch of people praying for you," Brian explained.

The prayers and love from the community have given Kevin Roy another chance, and has given Brian the chance to get back to the game he loves.