Lufkin Police Report - 1/30/08

ASSAULT: 300 BLOCK OF MOODY. Two women reported mutual assault Tuesday night during an argument over one of them making too much noise.  Both women claimed the other attacked them.  One woman had a minor scratch on her neck but no medical treatment was required.

ACCIDENT/MINOR: 400 BLOCK OF TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that a man in a white Cadillac drove through a wooden wall at his store Tuesday night and fled the scene.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 400 BLOCK OF HOLLAND AVENUE. Complainant reported that a known suspect threw a brick through the window of her car Tuesday evening.

ASSAULT: 2900 BLOCK OF CHESTNUT. Complainant reported that her husband slapped her and hit her in the face with his fist during an argument Tuesday morning.  The husband left the scene and later reported that the woman is his girlfriend, not his wife, and she had assaulted him.

ASSAULT: 2500 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL. Complainant reported that an unknown suspect hit him in the face after they exchanged words over a traffic incident Tuesday night. The complainant was not injured.