Diboll Red Light Cameras

It's been in the works for two years, but the city of Diboll is almost ready for the Diboll Safe Highway Program. The program involves installing red light camera within Diboll city limits.

Diboll Police Chief Kent Havard told us, "We think it's going to be a good thing because probably the number one complaint that I get is people running these red lights in town.>

The cameras will be installed at two intersections: Thompson Street and Highway 59 and Lumberjack Drive and Highway 59. City officials tell us Diboll has been in desperate need of red light cameras for a very long time.

"Trucks, espcially large trucks, blowing their horn because evidently they've been going too fast to stop for the red light and they run through the red light. I get calls from people about trucks running red lights and cars running red lights. And we've work accidents at these intersections," Havard said.

Diboll City Manager Kenneth Williams said, "Here we have Highway 59 which has traffic at a high rate of speed. When there are people running red lights at the north and south routes we can have some pretty dangerous collisions."

Diboll's red light camera system will be very similar to Lufkin's. But while Lufkin uses Germany based Traffipax, Diboll's contractor is the Massachusetts based Nestor Traffic Systems. Electrical work and poles are already being installed.

"Once we get the system online and started we'll do a trial period where we'll write warning tickets. We anticipate writing warnings tickets for a period of two weeks. After that we'll start issuing actually citations," Williams said.

"We hope people don't look at it in a negatve way because it's a very positive thing. We think that it's really going to improve the safety here on Highway 59," Havard added.

The cameras are expected to go online around March 1st, 2008.