Trans-Texas Corridor Worries

The Trans-Texas Corridor may be many years away, but planning is going on right now. Consequently, the proposed routes have some East Texans deeply concerned. Among them are some residents within the Martinsville School District in Nacogdoches County.

From atop Swift Hill off Hiway 7 you can see the area where the super highway may cross. A closer look on a map shows the proposed roadway going through the middle of the school district. This creates some legitimate concerns.

Superintendent Grey Burton said,    " One of the biggest impacts is the kids and the families. A lot of their land is being proposed to be taken by the corridor and even though they're getting money back it's still not replaceable for how long they've been living there and doing the things they've been doing. Also it's going to take away from our tax base. "

The district is hosting an informational meeting Thursday at 6 P.M. at the Martinsville school. It's to prepare residents for a state hearing in Center on February 4th.

Other hearings across East Texas will occur in February.