Nacogdoches Police Report - 1/31/08

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION-ASSAULT-POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 4700 BLOCK OF JADE STREET. Officers were called to a residence. The suspect had come to attempt to recover some property. The victim opened the door to speak with the suspect and the suspect forcibly entered the residence. A disturbance ensued and the suspect struck the complainant then was struck by the suspect, who also threatened the victim with a knife. The suspect, Amanda McBride, was still on scene and was arrested. A search incident to arrest revealed that McBride was in possession of a one tablet of suspected Ecstasy.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1700 BLOCK OF SOUTH STREET. The complainant reported a purse missing from inside an unsecured vehicle. The purse was located a short distance away with nothing missing from within.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1200 BLOCK OF CROSS STREET. Complainant reported that unknown persons had broken the driver's side window out of a parked vehicle.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE-POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 3900 BLOCK OF POST OAK ROAD. Officers arrested a fugitive from Shelby county. Inside this suspect's vehicle, officers located a quantity of suspected marijuana and several bars of suspected Xanex. Benjamin Wheeler was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE-FAILURE TO ID-THEFT: SOUTH UNIVERSITY AT STALLINGS DRIVE. A vehicle was stopped on traffic charges. Officers found the driver, A.J. Culbreath, Jr. To have outstanding warrants and was arrested. Officers located suspected marijuana scattered loose inside the vehicle and numerous items of stolen property identified to have been taken in several burglaries in the Dallas area. Two passengers, Jamie Cooksie and Delores Sydik were arrested as well. Cooksie was found to be in possession of suspected cocaine. Sydik gave officers a false name. All three were charged with theft (by possession of stolen property).

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: 312 WEST MAIN. A known suspect has failed to register as a sex offender as required by law. A warrant has been requested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 1700 BLOCK OF DOLPH STREET. Suspect was stopped on traffic charges. The suspect was found to be in possession of suspected marijuana. Jacory Dewayne Bussey was arrested.

THEFT: 2600 BLOCK OF RAYBURN DRIVE. Detectives recovered several industrial tools while investigating another case. The items were found to have been stolen from a business in the 2600 block of Rayburn drive.

HIT AND RUN: 200 BLOCK OF BOWIE STREET. Complainant reported that an unknown vehicle had struck his parked and unattended vehicle and failed to leave information.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 700 BLOCK OF SHAWNEE. Complainant reported that several pieces of identifying information were stolen from inside an unsecured vehicle.

ASSAULT-UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT: 200 BLOCK OF MITCHELL. Complainant reported that a known suspect had assaulted her and refused to let her leave. The suspect was gone on arrival and a warrant has been requested.

THEFT: 500 BLOCK OF WARREN DRIVE. Complainant reported the theft of a car jack from inside his garage.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA-POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 1300 BLOCK OF DOUGLASS ROAD. Officers were investigating loose livestock complaint in the area and smelled the odor of burning marijuana. Norvis Long was found to be in possession of suspected marijuana and suspected cocaine.