Your Turn: I-69 Corridor

We asked you to consider this, and you did.  Now it's Your Turn.

A viewer from Nacogdoches writes:

Please cover more closely the new Trans-Texas Corridor I-69 toll road that is slated to be built through East Texas.  The road will profoundly affect many rural towns by re-routing the majority of the North-South traffic in East Texas.  Local businesses depend on through traffic and travelers.  It will be disastrous for local economies, the environment, and our rural way of life.  In addition, the TTC will segment the state, making it harder for local people and wildlife to get around.  The hundreds of thousands of acres that the TTC will occupy is a huge loss in farmland and a decrease in taxable property for our counties an schools.

I don't think many people here in East Texas are very informed about what the TTC I-69 is and what it will do to our communities.  Please devote more coverage to this important subject.

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