Housing Market Unique To Area

Real estate peers call Gay Roach the "number" person. She watches the peaks and valleys of home and land sales in Nacogdoches County.   While holding a ten year graph she said,  " You don't like those peaks because usually when there is a peak and there's a hill on the other side and you're going to go down."

Currently Nacogdoches is going down one of those hills, but sales are still the second highest they've been in ten years. Roach said,  " The year before it was just a banner year. Just terrific. It came down about 15%, but the year before was a 24% over the previous year. "

Developers aren't worried. On both sides of the Appleby Sand Road, the growth spot of Nacogdoches County, builders are staying busy.   Some neighborhoods are high dollar homes. The target demographic is retirees with cash in hand. The buyers who want lots of extras and are willing to pay for it. Roach said,  " So I think our situation is specific to nacogdoches Texas. We're just a litle different and not in lock step with the national economy. "

Right now it's a sellers market, but realtors expect the trend to move into a buyer's market.     " A buyer's market is when we have about six months worth of inventory and we are hitting that right now,"  explained Roach. A proposed $15,000 tax credit for buyers of new and foreclosed homes could also spur the housing market into action.