The Swarming Hornets

The number one ranked Goodrich boys basketball team scores a lot of points.  But for the Hornets, it's all about defense.

"A lot of people don't want to play us because they know we're going to press," Head Coach Lester King says.

In other words, in your face for four quarters.

"Most people can't run with us," King says.

There are only five guys on the basketball floor, but when you play the Hornets it's more like ten.

"It's chaotic," Senior Jesse Garrett says.

"We run hard and try to stay in a triangle," Junior Nathan Duke adds.

Lester King has won more then 600 games in his career.  All by using a swarming defense.

"I've never had a big basketball team," King recalls.  "We have to keep people in a full court game."

To run it to perfection, everyone must be in shape.

"It's pretty tiring," Garrett says.  "But we do it."

"We've got to stay in shape," Duke says.  "Stay in shape all year."

"A lot people think we're just playing basketball," King says.  "They run cross country and track."

The Hornets are on the fast track to another state title.