Woman Reminded of Heart Disease In Scary Way

Susan Fisher vigorously works out every morning. This is something she couldn't do two years ago.    " I couldn't really catch my breath. I couldn't walk very far without have to stop and take a break, "  Fisher said from a rowing machine. Then last year the symptoms returned. A second operation to increase blood flow to the heart was necessary. Fisher recalled,  " I was 99.9% blocked and had a little heart attack right on the table there. I knew it was coming so it was pretty scary. Pretty horrifying. "

Fisher's heart disease is primarily hereditary. She has legitimate concerns as she approaches 50 years old. Fisher shared,  " My dad passed away at 49 and my mom at 52." Fisher has been told bypass surgery will be necessary someday. She's attempting to delay it by following heart healthy practices, the kind Go Red Day encourages for all women.

Health educator Kinnie Parker advised, " You want to eat your lean meats and lots of green vegetables. The good heart healthy fish and you want to avoid being sedentary. You want to move and make that a habit and I think once it's a habit, it's part of our everyday life. "

Women had fun with 'Go Red Day' as they twirled in their pretty red dresses. They reminded women to follow heart disease prevention practices. For Fisher, reminders come everyday beginning with at least an hour workout in cardiac rehabilitation.