Leadership When The Sky Falls

The space shuttle Columbia fell on a bright, sun-shiny morning much like the day of the occurrence's fifth anniversary. What followed were weeks of searching for debris and clues. Beginning that day leadership skills were tested to their fullest.

Robert Hurst was incident commander. Immediately, he realized the crisis experience was developing his own leadership skills as well as others. The leadership consultant now has the experience in a book titled, 'Leadership When The Sky Falls: Leadership Lessons From the Shuttle Columbia Disaster'.    " I've done leadership consultation for nearly 20 years now, nearly all of it out of Nacogdoches. When the Shuttle Columbia incident began to roll out I realized I was in an unusual life laboratory, " said Hurst.

Hurst shares the leadership principles that guided him during that chaotic time. No matter when his day ended, he would examine the events and how he handled it leadership wise. Eventually he conducted the same analysis with the entire leadership team. The result was a valuable insight into the dynamics of crisis leadership in general. Hurst said, " The book is valuable to anyone placed in a leadership role. The reader will also learn about the behind the scenes events of the shuttle Columbia disaster."

The book will soon be available at local stores, but can now be found at www.criticalleadership.com