Heated Sheriff's Race

by Christa Lollis

Recently KTRE brought you a story about a Lufkin police officer running for sheriff. His website, complete with graphic crime scene photos, was a hot topic. But now it has a new look. "It was time to move on to part 2. Part 2 being what I would do if elected to correct that problem and make sure it doesn't happen again," Trent Burfine said. What he would do, includes having a crime scene technician and protocol. Both of which, he says, would have helped with the Candice Alexander murder that was part one of his website. "If you don't, you could have a botched case like the Candice Alexander. There was no protocol. There was no technician out there processing that crime scene. We have pictures of the murderer walking around while they were taking pictures," Burfine explains.

Sheriff Kent Henson declined an on-camera interview, but did tell us that he did not botch the investigation. Burfine says he doesn't expect the sheriff to admit fault but hopes this campaign will change things. Burfine also told KTRE, "What I hope happens is that the sheriff will see these things and make a change for the better. When he sees an article like the Candice Alexander one, realize that yes, they did make a mistake and they're going to learn from those mistakes and they won't make those mistakes on the next murder."

For now, Burfine, will continue his campaign for the sheriff's office and he hopes Henson will specifically respond to his accusations. "I would encourage the sheriff to come forth and address specifically the allegations I have made. There's going to be a number of stories coming ahead up to the election. The election is 9 months away and there's going to be lots of questions that I raise," Burfine said. He will continue to regularly update his website until then. Henson also stressed to KTRE that in cases like the Candice Alexander murder several law enforcement agencies have to work together.