Angelina County Hit and Run

Adrian "Casper" Renfro never thought a road as small and quiet as Louis Lambert Road could be so dangerous. It turns out he was wrong.

"I spun around when he hit me and I just started spinning like that," Renfro said.

Renfro was walking in front of his house when 18-year-old Aurelio Gonzalas sped down the road.

Shannon Hawkins, Renfro's neighbor, said, "Casper tried to stop the guy to tell him to slow down because there's children out here playing. Then the guy literally swerved to hit him."

"He came flying out and when I waved to him, he swerved about a feet and a half to hit me. And when he hit me he continued to speed up. He never pushed the breaks. He never never deaccelerated," Renfro added.

Fresh tire tracks showed just how erractically Gonzalas was driving. After the incident, Gonzalas drove back into Lufkin, and was pursued by police. He parked his truck at a home on Tom Temple drive, then fled on foot. Police caught him, and arrested him on felony charges including evading arrest, deadly conduct, and burglary of a habitation. He told police he "ran over the guy because he was in the way."

Neighbors all agreed that this a perfect example why county officials should do something to enforce the speed limit on the small, tight, dead end road.

They've asked county officials to put in speed bumps on the 15 mile an hour road. So far all they've gotten is a sign warning drivers to slow down for children. Shannon Hawkins' 4-year-old daughter Aaliyah was outside playing when the incident happened.

"I don't feel like I should have to be scared to let my kids play outside on a dead end street because of someone driving at an excessive speed," Hawkins said.

Renfro's mother, Belinda Sparkman, told us,  "He's 20 and he's banged up but yet and still, if it had been one of the little ones, they'd be dead.

Renfro is recovering at a local hospital.