New Principal & New Parent's Group

The first day of school, but in February is what it felt like for Nathan Chaddick, the new Nacogdoches High School principal. Just last week Chaddick, former principal of McMichael Middle School, was told he had the job. His promotion came after the sudden resignation of Dennis Williams, who took a job in Kilgore.

Chaddick says he's eager to prove himself to students and their parents, staff and administration. He knows he's replacing a popular principal. Chaddick said,    " Things here at Nacogdoches High School, some of the deficits, some of the issues, they're not necessarily unique to Nacogdoches High School. They're issues that schools are facing statewide, but again, working in a collaborative way with the faculty and staff, I think we can address these deficits or issues in a positive way, hopefully with a positive outcome for our kids. "

Chaddick starts on the same day that a new parent organization is forming. Organizers say the goal is not to scrutinize, but to create awareness and support during an unexpected transitional period.   Spokesman, Dr. Alan Soward said,  " It's an advocacy group that is to support the teachers, the administration and the school boards in letting them know that the parent involvement is one of the critical reasons for children being successful in their education endeavors, so I think that's probably a main concern. Just a support system."   The group met Monday night to elect a board, establish a mission and gather ideas on how to best help NISD.