Hit and Run Update

Adrian Renfro is still recovering from minor injuries he received yesterday, after being hit by a truck.

"I'm not really messed up really badly. I'm brusied up. I have some inflamed tendons and my rotary cup is mildly damaged," Renfro told us.

Lufkin Police have arrested 18 year Aurelio Gonzalez, who told investigators he ran over Renfro because he was "in the way." he also told them he was high on cocaine. But Gonzalez's crime spree started early yesterday morning, when he allegedly burglarized a Lufkin home. That's where police say he stole jewlery and a red pickup truck. Gonzalez then used that same truck to commit the hit and run over on Louis Lambert Road. Lufkin Police then chased him to Roger Street and Tom Temple Boulevard where he crashed the truck into a house.

Neighbor Wayne Thompson said, "What I saw when I came outside was a cop sitting over there with his lights on. He opened the door and there was a red truck sticking out of the building."

Another neighbor, Robert Emerson, told us, "I noticed a lot of police crusiers up and down the road. There was DPS and a lot of city police. The police responded well they were all over the place very quickly."

After crashing the truck, Gonzalez ran over to Scott Street. He then entered the home of a disabled man named David Olszewski.

"He came over by the back door stripped off his shirt, pants and socks. He was down to his underwear and t-shirt then he came into the house," Olszewski said.

Authorities surrounded the house and arrested Gonzalez as he tried to jump out of a window. Olszewski was unharmed.

"God was looking out for me. The lord protected me because I would been an easy hit if he wanted to and he didn't," Olszewski told us.

Renfro is he's glad the man who ran him over has finally been caught.

"I'm not going to take any chances. I'm going to make sure he gets the maximum sentence that's allowed," he told us.

Lufkin Police are looking into the possibility that gonzalez is also linked to several other burglaries.

Gonzalez is charged with Evading Arrest, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Deadly Conduct and two counts of Burglary of a Habitation.