Job Description Study

Soon Nacogdoches County employees will be closely observed to see what they actually do at work.    The decision was made by Nacogdoches County Commissioners to do a job description study. A $12,000 contract is pending on hiring the SFA School of Government to conduct the study.

It's important that employees have a clear understanding of their jobs for everyone's protection, according to Dr. Rick Herzog  " Everything kind of comes off that, your compensation, our performance appraisal, our training and everything else. Your supervisor people. It's all going to come back to that job description. We've all heard that phrase, that's not in my job description. Well, that's when you get in trouble with it. When it's not really in someone's job description and you them to do that particular type of work. "

The study will begin in April and should be completed by July. Job descriptions are the first step in aligning salaries in a fair fashion.