SFA Rugby 'Try'ing to Advance

Quick... name a sport where the action never stops, being big is not neccessarily a good thing, and tackling without pads, is the basic principle of the game.


It's rugby and it is alive and well here in East Texas.

As the game grows nationwide, it is increasing greatly at SFA.

"We started with like 15 or 16 people coming out, and we decided to recruit this semester, we now have about 35 or 40 people out," said SFA Rugby captain Matthew Blake-Horn.

As the 'Jacks have more and more come out every year, it allows them to increase their on field success.

Head Coach Fred Graham concurred, "We started out the beginning of the season, we lost one game, after that we have been undefeated, and now we are one game away from making the Texas State Championships."

Despite the recent winning, the boys are having a bit of trouble shedding the "rugby player" stereotype, that bigger is better.

"The smallest guy is able to tackle the biggest guy on the field and vice versa, so alot of times it is not always the biggest guy who is the best," added Blake-Horn.

"With football, it is all about crashing into the man, in rugby, as you have the ball, it is all about getting the ball to your fellow player," added Graham.

While size may not matter, the rugby fashion states, the shorter the better.

"The reason for the short shorts is to limit the amount of cloth a person can hold onto, rugby is notorious for changing shorts, because they are always getting ripped." chuckled Graham.

Lets just hope the 'Jacks get to wear those short shorts, just a little bit longer.