Nacogdoches Police Report - 2/06/08

DEBIT CARD ABUSE: 5200 BLOCK OF NORTHWAY. Unknown suspect used complainant's debit card number to make unauthorized purchases.

UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT: 2300 BLOCK OF PEARL STREET. During a disturbance, a known suspect blocked the door, keeping the complainant from leaving. The suspect also held the victim down on the floor. Warrant requested.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 4000 BLOCK OF BLUFF OAK. Unknown suspects shot out a double pane window to a residence.

ASSAULT-CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 2100 BLOCK OF BANITA STREET. Complainant tried to get her vehicle from the suspect. A disturbance resulted, and the suspect pulled the complainant's hair and broke the windshield out of her vehicle. Warrant requested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE-POSSESSION OF MANUFACTURING MATERIALS: 700 BLOCK OF BURK. Suspect was stopped for a traffic violation. Suspect was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Angelina county. A search incident to arrest revealed suspected methamphetamine and some equipment commonly used to make methamphetamine. Chris Commander was arrested.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 6000 PRINCESS LANE. Complainant reported that an unknown suspect had used his credit card number to make purchases in Mexico.

FORGERY: 2200 BLOCK OF FORE. Complainant reported that unknown suspects wrote forged and cashed two checks on an old closed account.

THEFT: 2000 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported that someone stole a quantity of cash from her purse while it was unattended.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 BLOCK OF WEST COLLEGE. Complainant reported that unknown suspects punctured two tires on a parked vehicle.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 3200 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET. Complainant reported that a known suspect had entered a residence after being warned not to do so.

ASSAULT: 200 BLOCK OF BOWIE. Complainant reported that a known suspect had assaulted her during a disturbance. Visible bruising was observed. Warrant requested.