S.F.A. Jumps East Texas

After an 0-and-11 season, the S.F.A. football team had several holes to fill.  Coach J.C. Harper believes the Jacks have done so.  S.F.A. added 29 players this morning, three transfers and 26 high school seniors.

Coach Harper says he wants S.F.A. to be known as East Texas University.  His recruiting class backs that up.  Fifteen of the Jacks new players are from East Texas. Notable players from the area include Jeremy Barnes from San Augustine and Kendrick Johnson from Carthage.

S.F.A. also took two standouts from Livingston.  Class 4A's all state kicker and punter Drew Nelson will add much needed help on special teams.

"It's great for Drew being an all state guy," Harper says.  "He's going to have an opportunity to play day one. He's our starting punter right now and would be our starting kicker right now."

S.F.A. is thrilled to have signed offensive lineman Corey Dickerson.  Dickerson is six foot eight, 315 pounds.

"Corey has the potential that everyone's looking for to be an N.F.L. prospect," Harper says.  "He's going to fit in great into what we do offensively."

Here's a list of S.F.A.'s East Texas signees.

Jeremy Barnes (San Augustine, Texas), Brandon Brown (Texarkana, Texas), Derrick Choice (Tyler, Texas), Gralyn Crawford (Palestine, Texas), Corey Dickenson (Livingston, Texas), Ryan Epperson (Chandler, Texas), Joshua Hahn (Tyler, Texas), Romonte Hampton (Tyler, Texas), Shawn Hawkins (Longview, Texas), Jarred Hill (Daingerfield, Texas), Maurice Hood (Tyler, Texas), Kendrick Jackson (Carthage, Texas), Christopher Mass (Tyler, Texas), Drew Nelson (Livingston, Texas), Tyrone Ross (Tyler, Texas) and Austin Wright (Henderson, Texas).