Emergency Rooms Are Close to Capacity

Patients have been walking through the emergency room doors constantly. Many have been hit with the flu. In fact Memorial hospital in Lufkin has seen a record month in January, and Monday, they saw a record day.

They've even made changes to accommodate their patients.

Jerry Fears, the emergency room director for memorial hospital, said, "Because we've been so busy we're adding on a mid-level program, where we're having a nurse practitioner seeing patients to speed up the process of getting seen quicker."

The emergency room at memorial saw more than 130 patients on Monday, when on a normal day they would see less than 100 patients.

If you have any flu-like symptoms, you should stay home including coughing, sneezing, sore throat, achiness, tiredness, and fever.

To keep from getting the flu you're encouraged to get vaccinated early, practice good hygiene including washing your hands and covering coughs and sneezes, and take over the counter medicines. You're encouraged to take vitamins and herbal supplements including Echinacea.

Woodland Heights says they have been busy with patients who have upper respiratory infections including bronchitis and pneumonia.

Tara Watson, with Woodland Heights, said, "Yesterday we were busting at the seams.  Today we were able to move some patients around. We are back again comfortable, but we are very busy."

Memorial says they are almost at capacity, but are doing what they can to accommodate patients.