Lufkin ISD Sex Education

The School Health Advisory Council, or SHAC, held a meeting today to make a proposal to the Lufkin community. It involves expanding Lufkin ISD's current sex education program, which is abstinence only.

Lufkin ISD Superintendent Roy knight said, "This centers around the fact that with the most recent bit of data, our abstinence only program approach has not been as statistically favorable as we had hoped it would."

SHAC's proposed program, called "Big Decisions," is an abstinence plus program. That means while it focuses on abstenence, it also teaches kids about safe sex.

Former Lufkin ISD teacher and current SHAC member Willie May Burley told us, "If this program is implemented it would be like having a batting average of a thousand; you're touching every base and hitting every ball."

We have an opportunity here to not reinvent the wheel, but to look at what we're doing on our kids' behalf. How to teach them how to be better internal managers and how to make healthier decisions for themselves," Knight added.

SHAC and LISD members know teaching middle schoolers about condoms and birth control is a touchy subject. But they believe it's an approach that'll help decrease the high number of pregnancies and STDs among East Texas teens.

"Any time you target an age group, the young the better. And the sooner who can begin making an impact on how kids make internal decisions, the better off they are," said Knight.

"If someone is working on a road and they inform you that there's work on the road two miles down, then you know to drive carefully, be cautious and look out for that obstable or obstruction that's going to be in your way," Burley told us.

There'll be several more meetings to decide whether or not the Lufkin ISD will use the new program. The next one is May 8th.