TTC/I-69 Protest

by Christa Lollis

The streets of Trinity were closed for 45 minutes this afternoon as East Texans rode their tractors and horses through town letting everyone know what they thought of the proposed TTC and I-69. "We are opposed to the Trans Texas corridor. They're planning on building the corridor through Trinity, Walker and Grimes county and this area. They're taking 5800 acres here in Trinity County alone," Gary Smith said.

With signs and chants they hope they got their message across. They want TXDOT to rethink the 10-lane interstate that they say would take their land. "We don't want it for environmental reasons, tax based reasons, the taking of land by imminent domain," Troy Mcfarland, East Texan explained. The protesters say, it's their land and their opinions and they wish Governor Perry would hear their voice. Mcfaralnd challenges Perry, "Do the action the people are requesting. He is one of our representatives. He is an elected official, not appointed so he should be listening." TXDOT says that's exactly why they're holding these meetings across the state. They want to address all the concerns Texans have and try to create routes everyone will be happy with. "This is our process, to listen to their comments, to take their comments and go back and look at them. The protests, that's all part of it. That's what we're here for tonight is to hear their comments," TXDOT Engineer, David Collmorgen explained.

Tonight's demonstration was the strongest way these East Texans could think of to get their point across, because their land means more than money. Smith, said, "There's not enough money they could offer us. We're Texans too and we believe we have the right to exist."