Change Your Life Makeover

Terri Thompson Sayler is a videographer for Stephen F Austin State University, much preferring being behind the camera rather than in front of it.    " I'm not used to being in the center of attention," said Sayler. In addition Terri is accustomed to giving, not receiving. " It's been very hard for me to be on the receiving end and just realize it's okay to receive."

But 14 months ago when Terri looked much different than what she looks now she knew she would have to graciously accept what people wanted to give her. And when she began changing her looks she had to be willing to be in the spotlight. Numerous doctors and a physical fitness center volunteered their services as the Change Your Life Makeover. The makeover is free. Service providers get a lot of publicity for what they do, but the life changing affects its had on the recipients makes it much more than a marketing tool. Sayler said,  " I know my next challenge is going to be paying for what's been given to me. "

Sayler will do that by inspiring others to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Terri lost more than 90 pounds. Daily workouts led to an improved muscle tone. Her advice to others is, " You got to get up and move more and eat less. Those are the two main things. " Lasik eye surgery got rid of bulky glasses. She then had plastic surgery on her eyes and stomach, cut 15 inches of hair, began wearing makeup and improved her wardrobe. Sayler laughs, " I'm a Nebraska farm girl. It was a little bit hard to really get used to wearing makeup again."

News of receiving the physical makeover came at time when Terri was undergoing an emotional change. Sayler shared,  " In 2006 my husband passed away in April. I had had two ruptured disks in my neck which I went ahead and had fixed in June and then in July my brother and his wife were killed in a motorcycle accident. So, emotionally I was pretty well wiped out. "

The men in her life still keep her going. Crossing her arms over her chest and reaching to her shoulders, Sayler said,  " One angel here and one angel here. I have my husband on one side and my brother on the other and if it gets to rough they wrap their wings around me and away we go."

Her energy is also renewed by her children. Their compliments make her glow, even though the honesty may be a bit blunt. Sayler's nine year old son, R.J. said,  " Her face isn't puffy and mushy, like it used to be. It looks like a face now. "

In more than one way, life can change for the better.

On Monday night the Piney Woods Change Your Life Makeover will honor Terri Thompson-Sayler. All the doctors, trainers and personal friends who helped Terri will gather at Farechild's Restaurant in Nacogdoches for an evening of celebration.