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Proud Of East Texas: Dee Brock

The Dallas Cowboy Franchise and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders made their debut in 1960.  Dee Brock, who now lives in Tyler, was the very first Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Director.

The first cheerleaders were from area high school ranks and at times even included boys.  Brock took the cheerleaders to Super Bowls in Miami and New Orleans, although she was told by Cowboy management that they'd have to pay their own way.  Dallas Cowboy fans came to their rescue with funds for the trip and because they were still in high school and underage, the cheerleaders presented their own problems.  So, after the second Super Bowl, Brock decided to make big changes.  Older and more sophisticated girls were chosen, and she designed the more showbiz costumes that they wear today.

The cheerleaders were a sensation.  Everybody wanted them for appearances and photo shoots.  Marketing the cheerleaders became a full time job, so Brock regretfully resigned to continue her college teaching career.

Today, Brock can look back at the phenomena she created.  The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are known throughout the world as the gold standard for professional sports entertainment groups.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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