NHS National Merit Scholars

Three Nacogdoches High School students are on their way to most likely receiving full scholarships. They all have a chance for taking and passing with flying colors the PSAT. That's the practice college entrance test used by most universities.

The scholars are Sarah Sampietro, Kelsey Treusdell and Lakendra Olds. All three competed against more than 1.4 million juniors in nearly 21,000 high schools. Sarah and Kelsey are National Merit finalists. Lakendra is a National Achievement finalist.

They have this advice to learners.   "Just enjoy learning. That sounds kid of nerdy, but that way you don't have to study so hard for the test,"  said Sarah Sampietro. Kelsey Treusdell advised,  " Have a good attitude to learning and all your subjects. Try to find the interesting thing about any subjects you go into. " Lakendra Olds has this tip.    " Work hard throughout the whole course of your high school and entire educational career. "

All three girls could probably be accepted into any university they wanted. They chose one of the best. They'll be attending SFA.