Toddler Attacked By A Dozen Dogs

Sgt. Brian Holly, of the Angelina County sheriff's department said, "He had lacerations to the head, puncture wounds to the head, torso, legs, neck.  Basically the child had 15 puncture wounds."

The Angelina County sheriff's department received a phone call Sunday morning at about 9:30 a.m. that a three-year-old was getting attacked by 12 dogs.  The attack happened at his residence off Thigpen Road across the street from Central schools.

Sgt. Holly said, "Once we arrived we found out where the child was, we got medical staff to come in and treat the child, and our job was to secure the scene and make sure nobody else was attacked by those dogs."

Authorities say most of the dogs responsible for the attacks are less than three-years-old, and all mixed breeds, including labs, collies and hound mixes.

Sgt. Holly said, "We had to initially use pepperspray to get dogs away and get them secured back to the next door neighbor's property."

The dogs were kept in a 6-foot chain link fence with hot wire preventing them from digging out.  However, authorities say the dogs escaped from an unlocked gate. They have all been recaptured and are quarantined.

Melanie Wade, the animal control officer for the Angelina County sheriff's department, said, "As of now the dogs have to be quarantined 10 days from the bite.  With it being so severe, what we're going to try to do is seize the animals, because after ten days they can go back to the owner.  With causing serious bodily harm, we can get a seizing warrant and ask the judge to sign it for us to be able to hold the animals so they don't go back to owner until court."

The toddler was taken to Memorial hospital, then lifeflighted to Herman hospital's pediatric unit, where he's said to be in stable condition.

Right now, the attack is under investigation.  Wade said she talked to the owner to find out the dog's current rabies vaccinations and so far everything has been current.

They are still getting all of the paperwork together and getting all the statements, before deciding what course of action will be taken.  Authorities say they will take the investigation before the judge and possibly the county attorney to decide if any charges will be filed.