Fitness Night Brings Families to Slack Elementary

It was all about the children, the parents, and the teachers getting a work out with a kickboxing routing at Slack Elementary.

Madison Warnasch, a fifth grader, said, "It was funny and I had a good time, and I think everyone else had a good time too."

Fitness Night gave parents information about the kinds of activities available for children.  And, of course, a lot of them were definitely getting into the exercise routine.

Kim Holloway, a physical education teacher, said, "I love it. I wish more parents would get involved.  It shows that they care about the kids and when they show they are concerned about fitness and eating healthy, it makes the kids want to do it as well."

PE teachers want parents and children to know it's important to stay fit.

Mike Akridge, a parent who participated, said, "I think it helps them all the way through life to stay fit. They can build on it in the future, and it's good for them."

Lindsey Akridge, Mike's daughter, said, "It helps you to get out of the house and get energetic."

Booths were set up with information about workout facilities, hospital programs, the American Cancer Society, diabetes and much more. And teachers know they have an important role as well.

Shannon Montes, a third grader teacher at Slack, said, "If you count the hours of the day the children are awake, we are here with them more in the school year than their parents, so it's our jobs to teach them nutrition, fitness, and exercise."