Trans-Texas Corridor Meeting Draws A Couple of Hundred East Texans

The Trans-Texas Corridor public hearings continue, and like all the hearings before, East Texans continue to voice their opinions and concerns, and Tuesday night was no different.

More than two hundred East Texans attended the hearing at the Pitser Garrison Civic Center.

Just like before, lots of them are wanting to know more information about the corridor. They want to know how the corridor would affect them, and this gave many of them the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Mayor Jack Gorden said he's for the general concept of the corridor, and he hates what it could do to some East Texans homes.

Gorden said, "You can hardly blame them, it's their homes, their farms and ranches.  Hopefully, they can make twists and turns and miss all of them.  Quite honestly it's for the greater good, we would have no highways and no streets, this is progress. I hate it for those people and Tex-Dot is going to make it as painless as possible.  This is something that needs to happen."

The public hearings will continue.  The next one will be held on Thursday in Nacogdoches at the Fredonia hotel at 6:30 p.m.