Law Enforcement Gear Up For Warrant Sweep

Law enforcement agencies in Nacogdoches County are on the same page. They're ready to go after people who refuse to take care of business. They even got Mayor Roger VanHorn involved.    " This is the official announcement for the warrant roundup that begins next week statewide," said the mayor before a roomful of law enforcement representatives.

The photo op announcement that Tuesday is the beginning of a warrant sweep is to provide ample warning to offenders to get yourself down to city court or a J.P. and pay up. Constable Roger Dudley said,  " We are wanting folks to go ahead and come in and pay now instead of taking a chance of going to jail later. "

Failure to heed the warning could lead to an embarrassing encounter with any one of the numerous law enforcement agencies participating. City street crime units will be serving dozens of warrants beginning Tuesday morning. Chief Jim Sevey warned,  " It's a roll of the dice. If we stop you on traffic, come by your house, catch up to you wherever you happen to be you're going to be arrested and you're going to be taken before the court."

County Judge Joe English says he's fulfilling a campaign promise to collect on outstanding misdemeanor fines that total into the millions. Likewise, Sheriff Thomas Kerss wants people to be responsible.    " Our objective is to just have people accept responsibility for what they owe and go ahead and take care of that rather than us having to come out and arrest them. "

The state has sent some offenders letters informing them of outstanding fines, but not all violators are on the mailing list. Law enforcement will accept no excuses from any of the offenders.

The statewide warrant sweep actually begins on Saturday, February 16, so some counties may begin serving warrants at that time. Because of the President's Day holiday, Nacogdoches County is choosing to begin on Tuesday, the 19th. Authorities aren't saying when the sweep will end.