Sex Education in Lufkin

Stubblefield Learning Center is a non traditional public school that focuses on drop out prevention. Its students come from five districts, including Lufkin ISD, and many of them are teenage mothers.

Stubblefield School Social Worker Robert Hamilton said, "We have students come here with many different issues when they arrive. So we just try to address those issues and point our students in the right direction so they can take advantage of this second chance they've been given."

Big Decisions supporters believe if the new curriculum is approved, East Texas teens won't need a second chance. Some people disagree, including this teenage mom Stephanie Mujica.

"It's like telling them you can go out and do it but use a condom or get on birth control," Mujica told us.

Other teen moms beleive an abstinence only curriculum only opens the door for more teen pregnancies. They tell us they see it all the time with others their age.

Angelica Falcon said, "They're just going to have sex and get pregnant. Then at an early age they're going to be mothers of many children."

Alicia Hernandez told us, "Since they don't know anything about it and no one talks to them about it, they do it. Then they get pregnant or get HIV."

Some even think a good sex education program should go beyond just teaching safe sex.

"Offer them condoms and birth control. I think they should be able to offer that becuase if they just talk about it and the kids have no access to it, it's not going to do any good," said teen mom Allison Renfroe.

If Big Desicions is approved, Lufkin ISD will incoporate the curriculum into 6th and 9th grade health classes.