EMS Training

by Christa Lollis

EMS help to save lives everyday. Today the Nacogdoches County EMS learned how to do it more efficiently and faster. "These are the people that are going to be picking you up on the side of the road if you have a motor vehicle crash, if you have some type of medical emergency in your house and to make sure those responders are trained and ready to go at a moments notice," Greg Lamay, an instructor explained.

At Nacogdoches Memorial hospital the emergency personnel were dealing with simulated trauma situations. It's part of a grant program TXDOT is offering and the hospital received the money for the training. "What they do is they, through an application process, apply for fund that we have and then we go through those applications and decide where that training is needed and how much," Lamay said.

So for 16 hours the EMS workers were putting patients on backboards, stabilizing them and learning more efficient ways to handle traumatic situations so that they can provide East Texans with better service. "How to assess, how to manage those different patients, those trauma patients that they may see, that they may encounter. Maybe some treatment plans, modalities that they hadn't thought about and really kind of how to maximize their scene time so that we can decrease the scene time and get those patients to the hospital within the golden hour," Lamay explains. It's in that short time period that ems can save lives and today's training made sure they were ready for anything.