Bill Clinton Speaks To Large Crowd

The audience lined up hours before. The SFA Student Center ballroom filled up in a matter of minutes. Overflow was taken to a second ballroom. When former President Bill Clinton walked in he liked what he was seeing and hearing. There was the sound of a roaring crowd, waving Hillary Clinton signs.

Clinton looked over the diverse crowd. Young guys with pony tails, silver haired retirees and young families. Just the kind of America he wants Senator Hillary Clinton to represent as president. Clinton enthusiastically said, "Thank you for being here today. Great crowd of people."

Clinton discarded his notes after thanking local Democrats. He knew his message. He talked of the problems facing households across the nation and East Texas. " The cost of health care has doubled. The cost of education, higher education, has gone up. The cost of gasoline and things related to energy, including food, food is going up. And most people are flat broke," said Clinton.

Clinton advised the crowd when choosing a president to ask three questions.  " Are American people better off, will our grandchildren and future generations have a brighter future and is our world coming together?" Those are the questions Clinton said must be asked. He claims Hillary Clinton has plans to make Americans answer yes."

Clinton's talent of reducing complex issues to terms that people understand filled his address. Clinton requested the crowd, " If you know somebody without health insurance, raise your hand." A sea of hands went up across the ballroom. " Look at that. Look. Look, " said Clinton.

Clinton spoke of the kind of problems that's causing Republicans to seriously listen to the Democrats. " Edward Ironsmith said while holding his toddler child, " Well, actually I'm a Republican. I just came here to find out what their position is. Unfortunately, I'm not thrilled with the Republican candidates so I'm forced to choose the least of two evils. "

The big challenge for Bill Clinton is to convince everybody in the room and across East Texas to vote for Hillary Clinton. Texas is crucial to the Clinton campaign. Clinton urged supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton at the polls, but to return to the caucuses on election night. The popular vote is good, but the delegate numbers are crucial. " It's the only time you will be able to legally vote twice, " said Clinton.

Young voters picked up registration cards on the way out. They were pumped and ready to participate in this election. One young African American coed said, " I'm still undecided, but I'm Democrat.  Her friend said, " I previously was leaning toward Obama, but I actually will keep my options open."

So Bill Clinton's work on behalf of Hillary Clinton isn't over. Lucky for the former president, he flourishes while campaigning.  Before departing he took time to shake hands.  After a 20 minute drive to Lufkin he started the process all over again.